I am Webster, the mischievous Manx. I live with my hooman and 3 mangy mutts. I love to chase laser lights. I also like knocking things off the table and waking up my hooman at 5 in the morning. I am also a Supermeowdel. When I am not busy sleeping, you might find me harassing those mutts. You might think I have a cattitude, but who cares.

I hardly have time to spare but when I do, I write my Cat log! In my Cat log, I show hoomans how to cat. I write on different catopics. These catopics include showing hoomans how to care for your furiends. I have a range of cat-friendly puroducts. These puroducts include treats and toys for my fellow cat friends. What are you purring for? Go check out the puroducts. They will make you yowl! My furvorite puroducts are the catnip mouse or the ball with a bell.

If you have any further queries, pawlese write to me on the contact us page. My assistant, Harvey, the annoying chihuahua, will answer your yowls. He only weighs 4lbs and is easy to pester; I mean sway to do my bidding. Pawlese visit us again and remember Cats Rule Dogs Drool!


Does the bidding of Webster The Mean Manx Cat Author of the Blog

Photo by Aleksandar Cvetanović from Pexels


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