Humans use the phrase fighting like cats and dogs. Now my readers may assume that I dislike dogs or at least the chihuahua Harvey. Well like is probably the wrong word. I being a Manx have been told my breed is dog-like. Thing is I am not like a dog at all, but because I do not have the disdain for humans, I get compared to dogs.

Dogs could learn a few things from my breed. I enjoy manipulating dogs to do my bidding. I enjoy the company of dogs because I find them entertaining. Dogs are like minstrels in a medieval Kings Court. They interact with humans the way minstrels sang for their supper. Cats never sing for our supper. We will wake you up at 5 am. Prevent you from enjoying the morning paper by trying to sit on it while you try to read it. Humans will not ignore cats. We make our needs known without appearing emotionally desperate and pathetic the way most dogs do. We do not roll on our backs and look endearingly into the eyes of the human we want something from.

Dogs try to be cute and beg. Cats never beg because we know that as a superior breed to dogs it entitles us. Sometimes we give our humans a little treat by being cute and rolling on our backs or placing a paw on the hand, but on the whole, we control when and how we get attention. Humans only occupy a space above chasing a bug up a wall or an invisible mouse at a full run during the human deemed stupid kitty game hour. No, if dogs live to serve humans cats live to have humans and dogs serve them.

We don’t sing for our supper; we demand it. We do, but, enjoy watching lowly mutts sing for their supper. Yes, some mutts resent this but luckily many dogs are too big and slow to catch us and try to even the score. No, not even the nibble chihuahua in this house has mastered reaching the top of the refrigerator. There are actually scientific reasons for the differences between cats and dog.

Dogs hung with humans back when humans lived in caves. No self-respecting cat even then would be a cave dweller with humans who had no access to showers. I assume that they would smell worse than my cat box after being neglected for three days. Anyway, dogs like always begged for the leftovers from the cavemen and hung out by the fire. These early wild dogs kept away my ancestor the saber-toothed tiger from eating or otherwise harming the cave people. I imagine in my mind the golden age of prehistoric cats keeping humans and mutts on their toes and being on the top of the primeval food chain. Again I digress. Anyway, all this social interaction supposedly ended up in humans breeding dogs to work and protect them. Dogs became,  man’s best friend.

If you ask me as a cat what I think; it is dogs are man’s best lackeys. Cats had a different relationship with humans. Wild cats became domesticated around 3.500 BC. These humans rightfully held cats in high regard and worshiped them as mysterious divine beasts. I think they should still worship cats, but some secret organization on Ancient jealous dogs made humans blind to the transcendent nature of cats. Anyway, when humans stored grain in large volumes. Cats saw they were producing all you can eat mice buffets and came up to have our fill. Just happens that humans noticed we could kill pests and needed us around. We never depended on humans for our supper, we just found mutually beneficial ways to co-exist

Fact is dogs can see the smaller cat as prey. The way we move, crouch and pounce do not help our plight with dogs. Domesticated cats are no longer the wild cats that can always stand their ground with dogs. We have to protect ourselves now with our cat street smarts. Naturally, we are brighter than the dogs, but it helps to have a healthy respect and avoid strange dogs. But you can’t always avoid dogs as a cat. According to an American Veterinary Medical Association report, 44 percent of Americans have multiple pet households. A lot of us have, gag, doggy siblings. The biggest complaint I hear from my cat friends is that the dog chasing them and being a dumb beast forgets the family cat is part of the family. The best thing for humans to do in this situation is to teach the dog to leave the cat alone. Humans achieve this the same way they teach the dog to drop a ball or stop jumping on people.

If my cat readers complain about the dog enough, they can get the dog in trouble. Cats can do this by appearing stressed and fearful to the human after the dog gives chase. The stupid mutt will get sent to obedience school. Yes, the family cat can laugh as the newly trained dog cannot give chase after the cat  accidentally swipes the dog nose.

Now I am part of the herd in my home. I have the Harvey Chihuahua who after a few swipes of my paw now does my bidding. I have KC a dachshund mutt who I keep in line by chasing before she chases me. Sometimes KC gets overly enthusiastic in our chase games, but that when my ability to climb on top of the refrigerator comes in handy. Then there’s Nigel. Lump on the log dog. I keep him in line by accidentally knocking off the milk bone box and distracting him on the few rare occasions he notices me. No, I am part of the herd and reluctantly claim my inferior yet entertaining dog siblings. Now time to get back to watching the lowly minstrel dogs sing for their suppers.

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  1. They get along very well. It is just they are like kids and want to mess with each other. Sometimes it is funny others the brawl starts still funny.

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